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Commercial Liability

Business liability insurance provides cover for your business’s legal liability.

This can be for damage to other people’s property or personal injury to others, which was neither expected nor intended, or your business may face litigation from unhappy clients alleging that poor advice or service had left them out of pocket.

Individuals, businesses and other organisations are often called to account for mistakes in the conduct of their business activities.

Liability Insurance and the management of litigation risk is a complex business requiring expert knowledge and flexibility in order to meet the challenges of a continually changing environment.

Like it or not New Zealand has become a more litigious nation in the last decade.  Liability insurance provides protection against the costs associated with legal representation, damages awards, fines and penalties.

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Commercial Motor

Commercial motor insurance is designed to minimise disruption to your business following damage to or theft of your vehicle(s).  Insurance cover is provided when you are using vehicles during the course of business, whilst being used for social, domestic or pleasure and whilst temporarily loaned out to a comparable business or for social, domestic and pleasure.

Because we recognise that each business has unique motor insurance needs, we have access to a range of insurance offers. We understand there are some fundamental differences between different sized businesses, and can tailor our insurance packages to meet your specific needs.

Auckland Insurance is able to cover commercial vehicles, company cars, business fleets, private vehicles, and motorcycles.

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Commercial Property

Commercial property and the physical assets within them usually represent a huge investment of your business capital. It’s an investment that needs to be protected and Material Damage policies offer wide cover for loss of, or damage to, buildings, contents, stock and other chattels.

Cover is also offered for natural disasters, and it is flexible enough to cater for property improvements or extensions.

Additional Business Interruption policies can help to ensure that your business survives the lost turnover or additional running costs that inevitably follow a large-scale claim.

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